Headlight Restoration | $89.95
Removes oxidation from headlights, restores them to like new.
Paint-less Dent Removal
$70.00 per panel for a ding
$90.00 per panel for a crease
Removes dings, crease dents, hail, and minor imperfections without the cost of a body shop repair and without compromising the paint job.

These items can be added to the Detail Level Packages, but cannot be sold separately:

Shampoo | $29.95
All interior rugs and floor mats stain treated, agitated manually, then shampooed and extracted.
Vinyl | $29.99
Blow out the dashboard, vents, middle console, cup holders, floor boards, and door panels using compressed air, scrubbed using a neutral solvent. Dressing available upon request.
Leather | $29.99
Seats are cleaned, scrubbed, and blown using compressed air. Then, they are conditioned to protect from cracking.
Headliner | $29.99
Headliner of the vehicle is spot treated manually and scrubbed then steam cleaned to remove light to medium stains.
Aquapel Windshield Treatment | $29.99
Repels the elements with the same formula used on jet air crafts. Leaves no film on the glass.
Clay Bar Paint Surface Detail | $59.99
Get rid of built up dirt, grime, industrial fall out, and more. It will remove gritty particulates that have adhered to your paint surface and will leave your paint with an ultra smooth texture. Add this upgrade to your level I or II service for the ultimate in paint surface preparation.

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